A Comprehensive List of 101 Things That I Will Do In My First Year of My Second Decade

Read here for the why

  1. Get my P’s
  2. Get a job
  3. Graduate
  4. Decide what’s happening after graduation
  5. Travel/live alone for a while
  6. Participate in a fun run
  7. Go horseback riding
  8. Rent a hotel room because hotels are awesome
  9. Donate blood
  10. Get into an exercise routine
  11. Visit the Sydney Observatory
  12. Compile a “Recipes” Book
  13. Make photo albums
  14. Watch a meteor shower/shooting stars/eclipse
  15. Visit a waterfall
  16. Try a new hairstyle
  17. Go camping
  18. Finish my novel
  19. Spend a ridiculous amount of money gambling one night
  20. Get published
  21. Go rock-climbing
  22. Go trampolining
  23. Attend a sports game
  24. Make a ‘Chord Book’
  25. Get a new camera
  26. Go hiking
  27. Go night fishing
  28. Learn how to use make up
  29. Go on a road trip
  30. Make a cover
  31. Go stand up paddle-boarding
  32. Practise reciting poetry
  33. Get back in touch with God
  34. Finish a cross-stitch
  35. Complete and frame a 1000-piece puzzle
  36. Write a bunch of handwritten letters
  37. Practise my French
  38. Invest in a piece of clothing you’ve always wanted
  39. Go on a date with yourself
  40. Volunteer
  41. Compile a ‘Life Goals’ list
  42. Make a list of all the places I will visit one day
  43. Go on a rollercoaster
  44. Go to a concert
  45. Complete a DIY project
  46. Learn how to ride a bike
  47. Fix up the garden (and look after it)
  48. Have a pet
  49. Design a piece of clothing
  50. Create my own workspace
  51. Get involved in something you’re passionate about
  52. Read the Bible
  53. Be pro at skip rope
  54. Go to an outdoor ice skating rink
  55. Run the Bay Run (emphasis on run)
  56. Get a professional manicure
  57. Fix up my sleeping pattern
  58. Go overseas
  59. Learn how to rollerblade
  60. Do a photoshoot
  61. Make pottery
  62. Plant a tree
  63. Get a tattoo (permanent or temporary)
  64. Have a signature dessert
  65. Make jam
  66. Go go-karting
  67. Paint something
  68. Write an article
  69. Start something new
  70. Go clubbing
  71. Start blogging
  72. Go aqua-golfing
  73. Go to the Drive-In Theatre
  74. Teach someone something
  75. Do archery
  76. Learn how to knit
  77. Attend a food festival
  78. Ride in a hot air balloon
  79. Go to an art gallery
  80. Go canoeing
  81. Learn how to play poker
  82. Visit the zoo
  83. Get my fortune told
  84. Watch a(nother) musical
  85. See fireworks
  86. Go to a theme park at night
  87. Cross the state border
  88. Take 100 polaroid pictures (The Polaroid Project)
  89. Attend a movie premiere
  90. Build an epic sandcastle
  91. Experience another culture
  92. Go to a museum
  93. Attend a high tea
  94. Go fruit picking
  95. Do the Bridge Climb
  96. Do the Centerpoint Tower Walk
  97. Do a digital detox
  98. Go paintballing
  99. Keep a journal for at least a solid month
  100. Take a cooking class
  101. Do “30 Days of Gratitude”



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