No. 2: Get a job


Okay, yet another one of my goals that I was able to achieve before the “official” start of the project. To understand why this was on my list, I’ll have to take you back a little. I’ve been working since high school. I spent a long, hard 3 months at McDonalds (and I say “hard” because I clearly wasn’t cut out to work there having branded myself with a metal contraption from the deep fryer after I had just pulled it out of the hot oil). I then went to work at my local cinemas for a few years which, despite the pay and the hours, was pretty epic (I mean discounted movies and free merch? Priceless). I then spent a summer working at Tiffany & Co. which was pretty awesome for the short time that it lasted. At this point, I was just finishing my first year of University, and while the work load wasn’t terrible, it didn’t help that Tiffany was asking for a number of hours that were hard to maintain in the lead up to my exam period. So, once my summer at one of the most luxurious and glamorous stores I had ever set foot in had come to a close, I made the sweeping declaration to focus on my studies for the remaining 2 years I had left to study. That didn’t last very long.

Being so used to the steady income, it was a slightly more difficult adjustment than I had been prepared for. And truth be told, I wasn’t planning or even actively seeking a job when I got that highly unexpected email from Apple. I put it on this list thinking that it would be a little while until I would start working again, probably during the summer between Second and Third Year. But God had a whole different plan for my life. And the rest, as they say, is history.


I haven’t been with Apple for very long, and while it wasn’t part of the original plan, it is certainly a welcome addition to the chaotic juggling attempt that is my life.

Here’s hoping that I don’t drop the ball.



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