No. 48: Have a pet


I had six fish growing up, and being so completely obsessed with Hi-5, I named them after the original Hi-5 members (though for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the sixth fish). I would race home after school every day to feed them, and sit there with my nose pressed up against the glass, watching them gobble it all up. I was extremely traumatised when they passed away and I had to flush them down the toilet. And so, 8 year old me decided that to ensure I never had to experience that again, my next pet would be a puppy or a kitten (because you can’t flush a puppy or a kitten down the toilet). By the time I convinced my parents I was responsible enough to take care of another life, my little brother was born with really bad asthma. So no puppy or kitten for me. On the plus side, I had a beautiful baby brother who would only drink from the bottle when I held him. I wasn’t too upset about the puppy or kitten.

Fast forward a few years and my brother was gifted a fighting fish. I’ve always thought they were the coolest fish ever, and their colours are absolutely magnificent. And so for my 19th birthday, my lovely boyfriend gifted me with a beautiful, fiery fighting fish that I named Torchic.

Isn’t he adorable? Now that my brother is older, I hope one day I can bring home a fluffy friend. You can’t really play fetch or pet a fish. Regular visits to the RSPCA make it incredibly difficult to restrain myself from bringing home a stray, so hopefully soon I can introduce another little cutie to my family.



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