No. 71: Start blogging


Writing has always been a passion of mine. English was one of my favourite subjects at school. I think it stemmed from a love of reading. My mum would always be reading, and she would challenge me to read above the prescribed level at school. She would never say no to a trip to the library or an addition to my own personal library, and so my love for reading was nurtured as I grew older.

Pretty soon I not only wanted to read books but also to write them. I felt so incredibly inspired by the myriad of authors whose beautiful words felt like magic. I wrote many stories as a kid, each of them accompanied by a cover of horrible stick figure drawings and a proud: “Written by Samantha Clemente” inscription. As I got older, I felt more and more self-conscious about my work. Writing became necessary to get good grades for the perfect university and for the degree that will set you up for the rest of your life. Writing had lost it’s magic.

And so, I’ve added this to my list to hopefully reawaken that spark of magic I treasured so much when I was younger. I am hoping that this experience will not only improve my writing, but also allow me to challenge any feelings of inadequacy that spoil the writing experience. I hope to keep writing for me, and for public opinion to not squander the motivation or inspiration that came so easily in childhood.




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