No. 13: Make photo albums


At some point each year until I was about 13, my family and I would sit in our living room and flip through photo albums filled with old photos from trips we’d taken, with relatives who come to visit and photos that documented the years, and milestones, that have passed. It was always a lot of fun to laugh at the facial expressions that we’d pull and I’d love how random photos would draw us into stories and fond reminiscing.


Whenever we’d look at photos from when I was younger, I would rely heavily on the little captions that my mum carefully wrote out detailing exactly what that photo was capturing. She used to develop (wow I feel old) each and every photograph that she’d take. Now it’s always a big thing for my siblings when we go to Officeworks or Kmart to print out physical copies of our photos. I miss it mainly because when the photos are digital, we seem to look back on them less and spend less time reminiscing. I wanted to make sure that all the photos I take don’t end up lost on a hard drive that I don’t look at for another year.


So I spent an afternoon preparing some photo albums. Some scrapbook style, and others just with little captions next to them – just like my mum used to.


Not only was this incredibly fun to put together, it was great looking back at photos of experiences that I haven’t thought about in a while. It really emphasised how many opportunities that I’ve been blessed with, and I was just overflowing with gratitude.



I hope that the practise of making photo albums never dies, it’s definitely something great and worth doing.



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