R is for Ready

R is for Ready

 In need of, or having a desire for.

Dearest J,

You’ve always had crazy dreams. I know, because we have always spoken about them frequently and with great yearning. I say crazy dreams because that’s what they seem – too insane for real life, too far out of reach, too much of a long shot. I have crazy dreams too. Aspirations for my self and my life that I legitimately hope that I’ll realise one day. But I’m older than I was when I first believed that my crazy dreams might actually come true. I have limitations, and granted most of them are self-inflicted. But regardless of where they come from, I have things in my life stopping me from diving head first into what truly makes me happy.

If I’m completely honest with myself, I could have saved myself so much heartbreak if I allowed myself to be courageous enough to make the most of every opportunity when I was younger. Maybe then I could be where I want to be now, instead of having crushing self doubt and minimal experience where I should have self confidence and exposure.

I know that no two lives are identical, and despite being so similar – having similar personalities and similar pressures from the same family, you’ll have to undergo your own struggles to grow into the best version of yourself possible. But if there was a piece of advice that I wish I had been told (or a piece of advice I would’ve been open to hearing), it would be this: if it’s something that you’re truly passionate about, something you love, it will stay with you. So you can either try and ignore it or be brave and conquer your fears. With a mindset like that, when you’re met with an opportunity – you’ll be ready.

All my love,



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