No. 12: Compile a “Recipes” Book


My grandmother (on my mother’s side) has this extraordinary ability when it comes to food. She can taste anything at all, any dish from any restaurant and is able to list the ingredients in that dish. She has yet to be bested, and it’ll be interesting to see how that goes down. But she has always loved cooking. Whenever she’d come to visit us, we’d spend hours with her in the kitchen, though I admit I spent more of that time eating rather than cooking.

More than anything, good food reminds me of amazing times with my family. Conversations at the dinner table always end in someone gasping for breath from uncontrollable laughter or reminiscing about silly things my siblings and I got up to when we were younger.

While I know it’s not just the good food that makes the good conversation and great memories, it sure has been a huge contributing factor in my past, and that’s something I want to hopefully bring to my family in the future. So I figured, I’d build up my skills now (and use this perfect excuse to try all those recipes I’ve collected but never had an occasion to attempt).

I’ve made my recipe book, the next step is to actually go out and try these out. (And if they look any good, maybe I’ll share some photos here haha!) Wish me luck! Let’s hope I don’t burn the house down.



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