No. 70: Go clubbing


I’ve never really been one for the whole clubbing scene. The majority of the people I hang out with are older than me, and even though 1 year or even a few months doesn’t seem like long to us, it’s long enough to have banned me from entering bars or clubs while they were able to go. And so, by the time I turned 18, the allure of going out to clubs and drinking and trekking it across the City in heels jumping from one club to the next fizzled away for those I would have gotten off my butt to go with. Without the peer pressure of going, I had very little incentive to actually go. Now don’t get me wrong, I love sitting at a bar with a few drinks and good company. But I would never really be one for going somewhere where we couldn’t hear each other talk, otherwise what’s the point in going out in the first place?

My one and only “proper” clubbing experience (or as close to the proper clubbing experience as I’m going to get) was for a friend’s 21st. Loud music, lots of drinks and great company = a pretty epic night. Just not the kind of night I would want to repeat too often. Definitely for special occasions only. Now I can say, with all the information that I need, that the clubbing scene is not for me. Let no one say that I didn’t give it a fair shot and that I judged too quickly!



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