No. 24: Make a chord book


Music has always been a big part of my life. My mum swears that I began singing before I began talking and I haven’t stopped since. As a child I learned piano, and in my second year of high school, I learned how to play guitar. What started out as an endeavour for good grades in our upcoming music assessment turned into a new love. My dad always played the guitar at home, but I had never really taken to playing myself until I was gently forced to at school. Over the years, the music that had always been such a huge part of my life became even more special because I could create it myself. When things got extremely hard at home or when I was too stressed and needed a break, jamming with my guitar and singing until I couldn’t sing any more never failed to bring me back up again.

Over playings and replayings, I managed to commit the chords of many songs to memory, but with the release of new songs on what feels like a daily basis, I’ve had to heavily rely on the internet for chords. The reason why this particular task was added to the list was because I remember what it was like when my dad would play guitar for us. He’d have his stack of chord books on the shelf that he’d bring out and we’d go through each one. We’d sooner grow tired or the hour too late before we’d run out of a song to sing. Now, with the internet and the overwhelming amount of information (and distraction) out there, I feel as though reading chords from a screen has taken away some of the magic that jamming brings. Instead of being able to escape or lose yourself in the music, you’d get brought back too soon by a message popping up in the corner of your screen or you’d be bomboarded with choices that you don’t know what song you should type into the search bar next.

Just as in reading books, having something physical that you can hold in your hand is part of the experience. I don’t doubt that this chord book will never truly be completely “finished”, but I hope that in the years that pass, I can continue adding my favourite songs and that they won’t be forgotten. Maybe in 10 years time when I look back, I can reminisce over old songs and the memories that they bring.



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