No. 72: Go aqua-golfing


I’m going to start this off by saying that if you haven’t been aqua-golfing or if you ever get the chance – do it. I don’t know whether it’s the savage competitor in me or whether it’s the game, but aqua-golfing is strangely addictive. What’s really cool about it is the fact that you can win prizes! The “course” is set out in the water, with targets scattered around and a prize attached (not literally) to each target. I think the best prize is a few hundred dollars, which would be a super awesome bonus to playing the game itself. Despite my failures early on, I manage to walk away with my winnings of $10! It was a welcome surprise considering the fact that I didn’t think I would be winning anything. I’d definitely be spending a lot of my time (and money) there if it was closer to home. My wallet is somewhat grateful for the distance between me and a way for reckless spending!




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