No. 93: Attend a high tea


Even before T2 popped up everywhere and the tea obsession spread, I absolutely loved tea. Warm drinks on cold days are the best. I knew I wanted to experience a high tea, but I never really got around to planning one. But this year, my beautiful boyfriend surprised me with a high tea date to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


We went to Lachlan’s Old Government House in Parramatta – it was a gorgeously cold day and sipping tea on the leafy verandah was too perfect. The staff made sure we never ran out of hot water, and gave us a lovely selection of teas to enjoy with our food.


I didn’t think we would get so full from the food, but we didn’t even manage to finish everything! The sandwiches, cakes and pastries were so delicious and each of the teas complimented the food well.


My goal is to eventually taste my way through all the high teas in Sydney to find the best ones.



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