No. 99: Keep a journal for at least a solid month


I’ve always loved writing things down. There’s something about putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper that calms me and gives me clarity. As someone who loves writing stories and embarking on creative journeys and projects, journal writing always provided me with a safe space to throw ideas around (and “think out loud” to myself on paper, where all my ideas are recorded). It also gives me a place to list and plan and organise my thoughts. I added this task to my list because I have a habit of journal writing for about 5 days, and then progress to a 3 month break. If for nothing else but to hone my discipline, I’m aiming to write in my journal for at least 30 days.

Edit: 30 days later and I only missed 2 days! I made up for it at the end, and even if I’m a little disappointed in myself for not making it to the full 30 days, this is the closest I’ve gotten so yay me!

Edit #2: I made it to the full 3o days as of the 17th of March 2017! Consider me (slightly more) disciplined!



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