No. 77: Attend a food festival


You know the feeling when things just seem to align and make sense, and you think to yourself, “This is meant to be!”? That is exactly how I felt when G told me about a food festival the day before it was scheduled to happen. They usually sold out of tickets beforehand, but for some reason they had enough tickets. It’s usually so hard to plan events for my family with little notice because we all have a million things going on, but this time around everyone was free and it super easy to organise. I just knew it was meant to be.

IMG_2593            IMG_2589

So we got to Marrickville at 5:25pm ready for a 5:30pm opening to BURGAPALOOZA! Six burger places would all be in one spot with a signature burger made especially for the occasion. I was beyond excited. I’ve always been the kind of person to get to a place early, and I am 150% grateful that we did. The lines managed to get insane (or at least what I thought was insane at the time) within the first 2 minutes.



We spent the next 30 minutes in a “divide and conquer” mission to get one of each burger and then meet back to try them all. We figured that’d be the best way to know which burger to invest our time and money in trying to get again. After our first round, the lines got insane x a trillion, but thankfully we were relaxed on the grass and struggling to decide which burger to get.


SAM_7170-2.jpg        SAM_7168.jpg


I couldn’t decide on a favourite, but Bar Luca’s and Mister Gee’s came pretty close to first place in my books. My little brother loved Burger Head’s, and even though they ran out of buns, he still waited the extra 35 minutes to get that as his second burger. The wait, while long, was totally worth it. I tried to get a photo of each of the burgers on offer, but when it came down to it food > photos.

We ended the night with a gelato shake from N2, which tasted like a mix between pavlova and the Special K Berry Cereal. I loved it though, and if I wasn’t so full of burgers, I probably would’ve had more dessert. It was a magnificent evening, and I can’t wait for the next event!



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