No. 85: See fireworks


When I think about New Year’s Eve in Sydney, two things immediately pop into my mind – how to best avoid the CBD and how magnificent the fireworks display will be. I’ve watched Sydney’s New Years fireworks every year for as long as I can remember, but I’m still amazed each time. Now usually, I watch the fireworks with friends and family, safely tucked away indoors. We have the a/c blasting, a huge feast and and I have my own personal space – three things that you can’t really get if you decide to brave Sydney City on New Years Eve. But there’s a different vibe when you’re watching the fireworks from yout TV screen compared to when you’re outside, battling the heat and seeing them up in the sky in person. So in the spirit of experiencing things to say I did it at least once, and so I would know first hand what I was (or wasn’t) missing out on. Unfortunately my plans had to be altered slightly as I had to work on New-Years-Eve Day. So, rather than stress out in the City Centre, trying to find a good vantage point after work, I watched the fireworks with loved ones. We ate great food, played Taboo and had a great view of the cityscape, and Sydney’s famous fireworks display. Thanks to my not-so-excellent photography skills, I didn’t get very good photos, but I am definitely glad that I am able to cross this one off the list.

Here’s to one day actually camping out in the city for these fireworks (or renting a hotel room – depends on my bank balance!)



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