No. 89: Attend a movie premiere


Anyone who knows me know that I absolutely love Disney. I love fairy tales, I love stories, I love music and Disney manages to combine these things that I love to create what can only be described as magic. While it’s difficult to pick the best when I was younger, I had no troubles identifying my favourite – Beauty and the Beast.


I love that Belle is a bookworm who remains true to herself despite feeling out of place amongst her whole town and everyone she interacts with (well, apart from her father). I love that she is courageous and isn’t the typical “damsel in distress” (aside from her being rescued from the wolves, but really she tried to fight them so I stand by it). I love that she looks beyond what is obvious, and looks beyond the first glance. She is patient and opinionated and she is my favourite Disney princess. And so, when Disney announced that there would be a live-action remake of my favourite Disney tale, I lost it! Emma Watson and Dan Stevens stole my heart (in Harry Potter and Downton Abbey respectfully), and I couldn’t imagine anyone better in either of the roles (great casting/10). The 23rd of March couldn’t come soon enough. So when I heard that the State Theatre would be hosting a preview season, I wasted no time in getting my tickets (and then I went ahead and checked my schedule second – no regrets!)


The Gala event was the first of the sessions during the preview season, and there are no works to convey how happy I was to be there. I threw shame out the window and came in a yellow dress (but I definitely didn’t go as all-out as some of the other attendees who came fully done up as different Disney princesses). The State Theatre is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been inside of, and the familiar excitement and adrenaline that always manifests when I attend the theatre wasted no time in completely overtaking me. We were also given a little welcome package with all sorts of goodies and souveniers that I will cherish forever. But what was even more special than the presents and the venue itself was the atmosphere before and during the screening. People clapped and cheered at the end of scenes as if it were a live musical. The laughter wasn’t quiet giggling or stifled chuckles but loud and boisterous and joyful laughter that was completely infectious and made the entire experience that much better. This readaptation was truly something else – the added backstories, the fuller soundtrack, the subtle (and not-so-subtle) jokes and comments made for a nostalgic and familiar, but still new and exciting experience.


To top it all off, I was gifted with a rose at the end of the night as we were exiting the theatre. It was a lovely little way to cap off an amazing evening, and there were smiles as far as the eye could see. I felt like such a princess in my yellow dress and my rose, and I cannot thank Disney and the State Theatre enough for hosting such a lovely event!

Here’s hoping that there will be more magical experiences like this in the future!



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