No. 36: Write a bunch of hand-written letters


I love getting mail. Granted, the love has started to simmer in my young adult life when mail started to mean bills more often than it did something lovely and exciting, but luckily my obsession with online shopping has done it’s best to rebalance the equation. But yes, mail. I think there’s something beautiful about letter writing. It’s about more than the words that get written onto a page, more than the stationary that was chosen or the delayed gratification of waiting for a letter that you know is coming. It’s about the time that was taken by someone else to share their feelings and thoughts with you.

Letter writing has been a huge part of my relationship with my boyfriend. In the almost 6 years since we’ve been together, we would write each other letters always – for special occasions, for motivation or to just share how we’re feeling in a particular moment. I still have the collection of letters I’ve received over the years and reading over them always reminds me of our past and our hopes for the future, and it always gets be through the rough times.

Letter writing has also been a big part of my relationship with one of my best friends. She never fails to send me a letter on my birthday just as I never fail to send her one. And none of that pre-written, generic stuff that you find in cards that you pick up to attach to a gift. A proper, reminiscing, sarcastic and loving letter. She’s not really one to be outwardly emotional either, so these letters always meant a lot to me.

But there are a few letters that I have wanted to write, but have put off for too long because I see them in person anyway, or I’ve felt like they wouldn’t bother reading it. Regardless of all of that, I’m still going to do it. It might be nothing to them, but it might mean something. And that’s enough. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving a non-bill or non-advertising related piece of mail anyway?




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