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No. 47: Fix up the garden & look after it

My grandmother on my dad’s side absolutely loves gardening. I’m not entirely sure why and whenever I ask her she just laughs a little and says, “why not?” Some of my fondest memories of her visits to Sydney (because she lives in the Philippines as most of our family do) are of her touching up our garden and teaching me how to look after certain fruits and vegetables. I managed to keep our strawberries alive for a good two weeks after she had left, but it was still some of the best fun I’d ever had.

So I chose to add this to my list in the hopes that my little sister and brother might have as much fun as me, but unforunately circumstances have made this slightly impossible. We’ve recently moved out of our house and so while we managed to fix up our garden, we won’t be able to look after it anymore. So I’m putting this one on the back burner – for my future house.




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