No. 51: Get involved in something you’re passionate about


Despite the fact that the time stamp on this particular item is dated to before the official start of The 20s Venture, it’s remained on my list because this isn’t something that I want to cross off the list and then put aside. I guess a more apt title could be, “Remain involved…” but bear with me as I leave it as is for the sake of being able to “cross off” (but hopefully not forget). 

I attended a high school that encouraged students to become involved in the wider community. This support married with my mother’s firm and constant encouragement to believe in the power that each of us hold ignited my passions for social justice from a very young age. As the years progressed, I remained actively involved in a number of campaigns and initiatives but always felt like I wanted to do more. To the surprise of my friends, I didn’t pursue a degree in law, political science, international relations or human rights but instead chose to pursue a degree in Psychology. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret studying Psychology at all, and I don’t know that I would be happier studying law, political science, international relations or human rights over Publishing now. But I couldn’t help but feel like there was so little I could do with my experience and skills. 

Then, by some miracle of circumstance, I ended up getting involved with the United Nations! Yep, absolutely crazy right? From the time stamped date above to the present day, I’ve been involved with the NSW Division of the United Nations Association of Australia and what’s even greater is that I’m involved in a capacity that aligns with my skills and passions. I hope that I can continue with this endeavour, and that crossing it off the list doesn’t lead to complacency. 

I strongly encourage everyone to get involved in something they’re passionate about. There’s so much talk about how it’s impossible for millennials to get entry-level jobs without volunteer work, internships and relevant experience. While that does make it extremely difficult and, as a fellow millennial, quite irritating, it definitely makes a huge difference if the unpaid work you’re doing is something that you’re passionate about. While it doesn’t erase factors like the need for income or an insane class schedule, it can alleviate some of the stresses associated with having to do unpaid work because often, it won’t actually feel like work. 



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