No. 6: Participate in a Fun Run


When I added this to my list, I was thinking of something like the Colour Run or the ROC Race, especially after volunteering for the Colour Run a few years ago. But when I head about the MS Walk+Fun Run, I just knew that this is the one that I needed to do. The event, hosted by MS Australia, was all about raising funds and awareness for people in Australia who are sufferring from Multiple Sclerosis – a disease with numerous debilitating symptoms and no known cure. Growing up, I would always hear stories about how my mum had to watch my grandmother deal with the disease – from the moment she was diagnosed all throughout the years as they tried to find treatment options that worked for her. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see her going through pain, and what’s worse than that is seeing how the disease impacts her quality of life.


And so, in her honour, my family and I participated in the MS Walk+Fun Run in Sydney this year. The walk itself was beautiful, the atmosphere was incredible and even though I am sitting here, just 24 hours later with incredibly sore feet after a 10km walk that I was nowhere near ready for, I’m happy knowing that even though there isn’t much I can do for my grandmother overseas, we can still show our support for her all the way here in Australia.


I’m looking forward to next year’s event, and encourage everyone to participate! It’s a great thing to do with friends and family, and a lovely way to see Sydney.



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