No. 92: Go to a museum


What a way to start off the year! In order to make the most of the vacation days that we all had, my family and I decided to pack for cooler climates and head off to the nation’s Capital for a few days. It wasn’t a complete coincidence that we decided to go to Canberra, and our first day there we went to the National Museum of Australia to see “A History of the World in 100 Objects” which is originally exhibited in at the British Museum.


I absolutely loved going through the exhibit, and imagining the stories that each of these objects could tell. Since there were some objects that wouldn’t have survived the transit to Australia, we didn’t get to see the full collection of items as shown at the British Museum. It’d be pretty incredible to be able to go there and see it for myself! Though I think what I loved most about the experience was seeing how excited and animated my little brother was throughout the exhibit. His curiosity and passion for history made watching him go through the exhibit a memory I’ll cherish forever.


Mother making the most of his willingness to be in photos rather than taking them



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