No. 37: Practise my French


I’ve always been fascinated with languages having grown up in a multilingual household. The annual trips to the Philippines definitely strengthened my appreciation for my mum’s persistence in teaching me Tagalog.I love that I can communicate with locals when I’m overseas and talk to fellow Filipinos here in Australia. It definitely helps me communicate with family and older Filipinos. It always seems to shock my friends’ parents or acquaintances I make when I start speaking to them in Tagalog, which makes sense considering a good majority of my generation in Australia are 2.d, 3rd of even 4th generation Aussies.

Fast forward a little to Year 8 where 13-year old me started learning Japanese thanks to the NSW curriculum. I’m incredibly grateful for it though, because it was then that my love and wonder for Japan evolved from my mother’s stories and an interest in her Japan to wanting to experience it all for myself. I loved the experience of learning a new language – from learning the basics and struggling to seeing or hearing Japanese in the real world and freaking out at the fact that I could understand. This eventually led to my decision to study both Japanese and French in my senior years. It was enormous fun but since my school didn’t offer French, I Had to take classes remotely. It wasn’t the most ideal way to learn a new language give I was already going to school full time. And so, when the time came to choose just one to focus on for the HSC, I chose Japanese. I was glad to be able to study with my friends, to be able to attend actually, consistent classes during regular school hours and build on my existing knowledge.

I don’t regret my decision as i truly believe, now as strongly as I did back then, that it was the best course of action for that stage in my life. I do however want to continue my studies in French, and thus it was added to the list. I bought a textbook that has been the best help in defamiliarising myself with the language, but I think formal classes might help the process along. So I decided a little while ago to enrol in classes at university. I’m so keen to start!

Souhaitez-moi bonne chance!



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