No. 15: Visit a waterfall


As an early birthday celebration last year, G and I went on a mini-getaway to the Blue Mountains. Despite both of us having been there before, it was such a great trip. We went on walks, hikes, treks and shopping trips. We relaxed by the fireplace and drank lots of hot chocolate. It was exactly what we needed for the semester break.

We also came across this beauty on one of our hikes.


Granted, it’s not as majestic as the waterfalls I hope to one day see (*cough Niagra Falls cough*), but it was so relaxing sitting amongst the rocks and breathing in the fresh air. It’s ridiculous how difficult it can get for me to get out and get proper fresh air away from the City. It’s slowly becoming more of a priority for me, and I can definitely feel the difference in my soul (and my lungs). And on a closing note, I should probably become a stronger swimmer before I brave bigger falls.



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