No. 82: Visit the zoo


This trip to the zoo was another one of our more spontaneous plans. That morning our only plan was to drive back to Sydney from our trip out of town and over breakfast had decided to go visit the zoo.

It was incredibly funny and terrifying experience! We spent a lot of the time doing our best to take photos and interact with the animals, which proved incredibly difficult for me since I’m incredibly small and couldn’t get a good shot over some of the enclosures. We got really close to a koala (and they are SO fluffy, like fairy floss/cotton candy!) and adorably sleepy-looking and I had the best time with them.


Other experiences were not as fun-loving. We watched a talk about the Redback Spider AND WE ACTUALLY SAW ONE UP CLOSE. It was intense and scary and the only thing that kept me standing there, watching and listening intently was the fact that we were taught what to do in case we came across one. They are vicious and aggressive but they are also pretty rare and necessary for the antidote. I strongly encourage everyone to learn what to do in situations like this, because the bite of a Redback is extremely painful and can be deadly (though apparently no one’s died in ages). Still, better to be on the safe side!

Taronga Zoo has this experience where you can be a Zookeeper for a day, and I think it would be insane to be able to do it! Yet another thing to add to the overall life bucket list.




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