No. 43: Ride a rollercoaster


I’m not sure exactly how I managed it but up until the end of last year, I had never gone on a rollercoaster. Well, I had been on one of those mini-ones that they let 12-year-olds go one at Luna Park in Sydney, but never a “proper” rollercoaster. It’s not that I’m terrified of heights or that I get motion sick (though both are slightly true). It’s just that I’d always dread the thought of going on one, and despite peer pressure and the numerous times I’ve been to theme parks, I had managed to avoid it for quite a long time.

I knew that I would have to go on one eventually because there was a 100% chance that I was amplifying the fear to ridiculous proportions in my head. And so, upon arriving at Universal Studios Japan, I decided to go for it. The funny thing was, knowing that I’d be able to cross this off my list made me unexpectedly and strangely excited to finally ride a rollercoaster. We waited about 2 hours to ride “The Flying Dinosaur” at the Jurassic Park section. It was so daunting to wait, watching group after group fly off Superman-style and scream as they dropped. But honestly once it was over, I wanted to go again! We probably would have if it weren’t for the fact that we had to wait 2 hours just to go the first time and the wait had increased to almost 3 by the time we had our turn.

I have never been to the Gold Coast before even though I’m not that far away (relatively speaking) nor have I ever been to Disneyland or any of the theme parks in the US. I just know that when I finally get to go, I’ll be lining up for the rollercoasters and praying that I’m tall enough to be let on! I have no shame in saying that I am extremely proud of myself for conquering this fear of mine, and I am without doubt that it was worth it!



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