No. 38: Invest in a piece of clothing you’ve always wanted


Fashion and a personal sense of style is a difficult thing. I feel as though money plays a huge role in our ability to truly express our sense of style. Obviously I don’t think that it’s so big of a barrier that it’s impossible to express your own style. But if you’re like me and have no skill in making clothes and limited funds for necessities, not to mention clothes, it becomes really tough to know whether your wardrobe is more of a reflection of your sense of style or your bank account.

I’ve always tried to make smart decisions when it comes to clothes. Buy things that will last, things that match what you have at home, things that you’ll use multiple times, things that are on sale. As the years have passed and I started to earn more money, I’ve become a little more indulgent, but I never really let myself go. Whenever my boyfriend and I go shopping and I see something that I’ve been eyeing for ages or something that we must stop to gawk at, he’ll encourage me to buy it “because I deserve to treat myself” to which I almost always respond with, “Nah, I’ll think about it first. I need to save money.”

And so, in the spirit of doing things that I don’t normally do, I decided to invest in a piece of clothing I’ve always wanted – a gorgeous pastel trench coat. I’ve already used it so many times and I love that it’s so warm and makes me feel pretty. I don’t regret it for a second!

The only issue I’m having now is being too worried to wear it out in case I dirty it. Here’s hoping I get over that and make the most out of the coat like I should!



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