No. 3: Graduate


In the years that have passed I have seen countless depictions of a graduation – complete with a commencement speaker, cap and gown and the cliche and extremely necessary throwing of the cap. I’m not sure whether it was just my high school, but we didn’t get the stereotypical depiction of a graduation. I mean sure, it was still a ridiculously emotional and heartwarming experience, and I will treasure it forever for what it represents, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was slightly saddened by the lack of cap and gown.

And so, yet another reason to be excited for my university graduation presents itself – the opportunity to finally throw my cap in the air! There are so many reasons why, including the cap-throwing, I’ve been looking forward to graduate. It means that I made it through the last three years of my tertiary education, and successfully reached this particular goal of mine. It means that I finished, despite the many, many instances where I was so sure I could no longer go on. It means I’ve opened myself up to a world of opportunities with the skills and the knowledge that I’ve gained. It also means that I have an experience to share with my family members who have all experienced the same thing.


I was spoiled silly by my loved ones with a stay in a heritage-listed lodge, more food than I should have eaten and the most beautiful, thoughtful (and well-coordinated) presents.



And so, if I were to narrow it down, I would choose two reasons for being so excited to have graduated – the first: all the opportunities that are now in front of me, and the second: for making my loved ones proud and hopefully inspiring them, even if it’s just a small fraction of how much they’ve inspired me.



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