No. 76: Learn how to knit


If you’ve seen my cross-stitch post and the bigger 20’s Venture List, then you can probably guess that I love to create things. (Side note: I began reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert way before this project came to me, but since reading it I’ve realised just how right she is and honestly just go and get the book if you want to be brave and live creatively) So it’s no surprise that yet another one of my tasks merge the project philosophy of trying new things with my obsession with creating. Now I’m the kind of person that hates failing at things. Whether it’s from a fear of looking stupid or feeling like I should be competent enough to get it from the beginning, I’ve often stopped myself from doing things because I can’t seem to master it the second I decide to tackle it. Yes, I realise how silly this is and it’s a thought process that I’ve tried my absolute hardest to confront, to look in the eye and say, ‘You’re being silly’. And believe me, while I’m definitely not there yet, I’ve made vast improvements in my thought process regarding trying new things since starting this project so I’m pretty pleased with myself haha.

And now, bringing it back from another tangent that I’ve found myself upon – learning how to knit. This is a life skill that I’ve always wanted to eventually master. My dream was to be able to knit by the time I have kids so that I can knit them each a sock. Yes, just a single sock. Not socks for them to wear but rather a sock like a memento that I’ll have for each of my kids (and maybe eventually actual socks to keep them warm if I can ever get to that stage). Now I’m nowhere near ready to have kids, nor am I at all close to having kids despite my lack-of-readiness but I did want to get a bit of a headstart on learning how to knit because, as I’ve been trying so hard to accept, you can’t be a master at something in a day.

So I bought beautiful navy yarn, shelled out a few extra bucks for pretty bamboo knitting needles and watched video tutorials online. The most useful one that I’ve found was by Sheep & Stitch so if you were curious on where to start, I’d highly recommend this one. I haven’t managed to knit a whole scarf yet, but I feel pretty happy with my progress so far.


As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Done is better than good.” So even if my first attempts at knitting aren’t what any expert or even non-expert could call “good”, at least it’s done.



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