No. 90: Build an epic sandcastle

Sometime in December 2016

I have always been the same when I go to the beach – sit in the dry sand, get into the water when it’s gets too hot and then very carefully sit on my towel and try not to get wet sand all over it. It’s quite a silly little routine because, eventually, I always end up back in the water and then end up playing in the wet sand. This usually happens because tend to go to the beach with family and my little brother and sister are the perfect excuse for building sandcastles. But eventaully they get bored, or it gets too hot or the tide comes in and ruins it all.

When I added this item to the list, I didn’t really picture an “epic sandcastle” to be like the ones that you see online where people compete in competitions and create these regal masterpieces with proper tools as if it wasn’t made from sand. I honesty just imagined something huge and something tall and something that wouldn’t get swept away by the tide. So really, I guess a more apt title for this would be “Build an epic sand mountain”.

I honestly cannot remember the date that we achieved this, nor do I have a photo to show because I cannot for the life of me track down the picture across different folders in different hard drives spread across years worth of photographs. But I promise, I’m not faking it! We definitely did succeed in building an epic sand (mountain) castle.

My boyfriend, little sister, little brother and I drove to a beach in Sydney that is relatively close to Wattamolla. It’s also in the National Park but a lot less crowded and a lot easier to get to. The plan was to spend a few hours at the beach and then take my sister out to a late lunch for her birthday. Needless to say, we never made it to our late lunch. We survived on Pringles and juice poppers for the entire day as we built our majestic sand mountain, complete with a deep moat for the water to rush through. We were getting some pretty strange looks, but after the first two hours of going back and forth between our mountain and the ocean, I no longer noticed the stares. The goal was to get it to be as solid and as big as we could before it was time to leave. 

If I ever come across that picture again, I’ll add it to this post. For now, you’ll just have to take my word for it. It was spectacular and so much fun and I probably won’t spend another five hours of my life doing that again haha. 




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