No. 17: Go camping

When I first brought up my love of camping to my boyfriend during the early stages of our relationship, he was skeptical. ‘But you hate the dark and spiders and dirty public bathrooms’. I laughed it off at the time but thinking about it now, I’m feeling a little skeptical too. I mean, he’s 100% right – I get afraid of the dark becaue I have a vivid and masochistic imagination. I can’t handle spiders because… well,  could list all the reasons but I’m already cringing. Don’t even get me started on dirty public bathrooms. So why did these three things that I could absolutely NOT handle in every other situation not seem so bad when camping? I honestly think it has something to do with the early mornings, fresh air, long drives, the camp fires and the family time. Plus, as a little kid, it’s a lot easier to to get distracted by roasting marshmallows and playing games. I’m not very confiden tthat I’ll love camping as an adult, but it’s been years since my family and I last went and I’m curous to see if it’s just as good as I rememver. There’s some argument to be made about not tarnishing a good memory with the threat of a bad one, but my curiosity always seems to get the better of me.

Unfortunately for me, I have not been able to find the time or money to go camping in time for this project deadline. Rather than promise that I’ll find some time sometime soon, I’m honestly going to take this as a sign that I wouldn’t find camping as enjoyable as an adult.



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