No. 7: Go horseback riding

Hello world! This is me! Life should be… fun for everyone!

If you can get the reference, then congratulations – you win! If not, when we probably have a little bit of a generational gap, and so I’ll explain. The above quote comes from a TV show called The Saddle Club which, as you can probably guess from the very apt and not-at-all-subtle title, was about horseback riding. Of course that’s a very crude explanation on my part, but that’s basically all that you need to know in order to understand. From a very young age, horseback riding seemed cool and fun and something I really, really wanted to do. Having the loving family that I have, I managed to fulful that dream during one of my childhood trips to the Philippines. I’ve ridden twice, maybe three times though I can’t be completely certain. The choice to add this to the list came from the desire to relive a happy childhood memory, and also to share it with people I love.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to get this done before the end of this project, but I don’t doubt that I’ll get around to it some time in the near future.




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