No. 64: Have a signature dessert


I think the desire to cross this off the list stems from this dream I have of spending my weekend mornings baking (you know, once I have my own place and money to fund this hobby). I’d love to have this thing that I make that people think, “hmm yeah, I’m craving that. I’m going to ask Sam to make it for me.” My boyfriend has a million and one of these things. Creme brûlée, scones, pan de sal – you name it, he’s probably made it.

So after some experimentation and baking weekends, I think I’ve found my signature dessert – cheesecake. Be it baked or set in the fridge, mini or whole cakes, fruit or plain – I absolutely love to make cheesecakes. Now I seriously wish that it was something healthier, but hey this’ll do me for now haha!




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