No. 74: Teach someone something


There has always been this huge debate about the meaning of life. It’s something that I studied in Psychology – why people attach meaning to things that might seem a little less tangible or a little harder to understand than they would like. One such explanation of the meaning of life is to do good onto others an dpositively influence the people around you. While I haven’t subscribed to one specific idea about the meaning of life, I do really like the idea of using your energy and your blessings to positively influence those around you.

That being said, the “something” that I taught someone wasn’t for completely unselfish reasons (in the interest of full disclosure). Some time ago in the early stages of my relationship with my boyfriend, we would speak about how I should teach him how to speak Tagalog. Despite us both coming from the Philippines, our families spoke completely different dialects. I’m still in the process of learning his, but the idea was for me to teach him how to speak Tagalog since it’s what most of our friends can also speak and understand.

Being the stationary- and organisation-obsessed individual that I am, I made him flash cards and notes and tried to speak to him in Tagalog regularly. While it’s been a little while, I do think we’ve made some progress. It’s a lot easier to communicate with him in public when we can’t be speaking in English now that he can actually follow what I’m saying. The next step is to convince him to learn a completely different language with me from the ground up that only the two of us can speak (out of our friends and family I mean!)



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