No. 73: Go to a drive-in theatre


When I think about a drive-in theatre, my mind shoots straight to Grease. I think about old music, diner food, a good movie and great company. When my boyfriend first got his license, going to the drive-in was one of the things that we said we would do but never got around to it. Eventually time kept passing and it was just easier to watch at a cinema closer to home (especially since I worked there and got staff discounts).


However we finally crossed this off the list! It was super cold so the movie experience was awesome with blankets and scarves and beanies and lots of snacks. I didn’t know how the whole thing worked so I was plesantly surprised to find out that we could tune our radio to a certain station to hear the movie rather than having to keep our windows down to hear from the speakers next to the cars. The sound quality was okay, but definitely not comparable to the kind of sound you get in an actual enclosed cinema. The verdict: it was a great experience, but I don’t know if it’s worth the gas money unless it was something we were doing with a group of friends or family. I’d definitely recommend that you go at least once if you haven’t already. And don’t forget your blankets and snacks!



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