Melbourne, VIC – Australia [July 2017]


This sort-of spontaneous trip to Melbourne was planned as part of our decision to go to Hobart for a friend who’s making her vows to become a nun. We were going to stay in Hobart for a few days but due to schedule clashes, we decided to stay in Hobart for just a day. Since we were flying out anyway, we figured we’d visit G’s family in Melbourne on the way. This trip would be my third to Melbourne. The first was when I was a kid and a relative from the Philippines had a conference to attend, though I don’t remember a second of it. The second was with G and his family in 2015. This third trip was a little less tourist-y than our previous trip since we did most of what we wanted to do then. We already terrified ourselves on the Melbourne Star. We went to the Crown. We walked a lot and ate a lot and explored Melbourne CBD. During this third trip we stayed a little way away from the CBD, and honestly it was so much better. I loved the quiet, the brisk air, the small-town feel.

We still ate a lot and still shopped a lot and walked a lot. I had the best roasted milk tea soft serve at Kyo Tea House in Emporium and I managed to get a new pair of Nikes in my FAVOURITE colour and a few new books. We went to the Crown and had a great lunch at the Kitchen Workshop Buffet, gambled a little and then watched Baby Driver (great soundtrack by the way, go watch it!). We took the train and the tram a lot more this trip in comparison to our last trip and it felt like we were living like locals. G and I spent our last day wandering around looking for bookstores and beautiful artwork (and Pokemon, not going to lie). If I had unlimited baggage allowance (or at least a few kilos more), I would’ve emptied those bookstores – there were so many things I was too tempted to buy. We spent a great afternoon at the Arboury where they had Espresso Martinis on tap and had amazing truffle chips. It’s right next to Flinders Street Station so if you get a chance, go check it out. I highly recommend! (P.S. Thanks to Aprille who introduced it to us in the first place!) We also checked out the exhibits at the National Gallery of Victoria which was a nice way to finish our tourist-y time in the CBD.

Mostly it was a trip to spend with family, and it was really nice to get out of the house, even if we had to go to a different state to do it. One of the things I missed the most while on this trip was the fact that we weren’t going to the gym, so I’m a little worried that my motivation has drained away. Ah well, all in the mind I suppose. We flew out of Tullamarine airport early Sunday morning, and arrived in Hobart at 9:45am to below 10ºC weather (I know that doesn’t sound so bad to a lot of people, but after a ridiculously cosy plane, it was a big shock).

As it did before, this trip to Melbourne further cemented how much of a Sydney girl I am, and I’ll be returning with a newly-refreshed appreciation for my home.



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