No. 79: Go to an art gallery


I had originally wanted to visit the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Van Gogh Exhibit but, due to time constraints, we weren’t able to make it. The next exhibit that we wanted to see was the Hokusai Exhibit, but we would have left Melbourne by then. After drinks by the Yarra, G and I were ready to head home but decided that we may as well check out the NGV while we were there since it was so close.

I’ll admit that it wasn’t the most interesting exhibit that I’ve experienced, but it was great to walk around and just be there. It was especially great to spend time with G and just appreciate being there together. There were a few artworks that sparked an idea for a story or two, so I’m pretty excited to get that started. I think I’d appreciate this experience more if it was an exhibit that I was actually planning on going to have a look at.



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