No. 86: Go to a theme park at night


There is no doubt in my mind as to why the idea of a theme park at night is so romanticised in my head. It’s the backdrop of many TV show episodes, movie scenes, book excerpts and ideas for stories of my own and it never seems to lose it’s magic in my head.


It’s something to do with the mixture of bright lights, carnival games, rides, adrenaline, food that’s too delicious that it doesn’t matter that it’s bad for you and having the best time with people you love.


G took me out on a spectacular date in the City. It was so great for us to explore Sydney again after coming home from another state. We took lots of photos, got to see some cool exhibits at the National Art Gallery of NSW and made the most of our cheat day from healthy eating!


I can’t wait till the theme park that I visit at night is Disneyland – and I say with 100% certainty that that day will come. I feel unbelievably motivated to make that dream a reality, so I just know that it will indeed come true.




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