No. 56: Get a professional manicure


Getting a professional manicure is something that my mum and I had been talking about doing for the longest time. We finally managed to make the time and so the two of us, along with my little sister, had a little bonding time as we got our nails done. I would post a photo of my nails but I can’t seem to get a good photo of them. Just know that I love the shape, I love the colour and I love the feeling. It’s definitely a ltitle indulgence that we plan on doing again soon. It was one of the lovely things that my family planned for my 21st birthday. My sister and I also got matching (temporary!) tattoos, but it’s definitely confirmed my desire to get a tattoo or two.


The funny thing is that the only reason we had time to do all of this is because my mangificent boyfriend had planned a surprise party for me and instructed my family to stall me so he could prepare. It’s not even my birthday yet and I already feel so loved and so blessed. 21 is going to be amazing!



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