No. 11: Visit the Sydney Observatory


I absolutely, 100%, without a doube believe in the existence of aliens. And just to be clear, when I say “alien”, I don’t limit my understanding of the word to only mean supernatural creatures as depicted in ET or The Simpsons (though it definitely encompasses them). I mean foreign creatures, life on other planets and a belief that we’re not alone in the universe. It’s the same kind of thinking that fosters my intrigue in what lies beyond the stars and the possibilities that exist. And thinking about the universe, and our small occupance in it, is incredibly terrifying but also incredibly liberating.

And so, in the interest of exploring the world (or rather what lies beyond) and branching out past by own very miniscule perspective, I took to the Sydney Observatory to get lost in the stars.

G and I had a great date – taking photos and admiring how beautiful our world is. Plus, how can a night sky full of stars not be incredibly romantic? Unfortunately my camera didn’t capture very much in the dark, but what totally made up for it was the fact that we saw what was either a shotting star or a meteorite in the sky! It was absolutely incredible. We could see it burn incredibly bright and then fizzle out leaving us in darkness. I know this doesn’t completely count as a meteor/shooting star shower but I still think it’s so cool that it happened with so little time left to complete this project. I do hope that one day I’ll be able to view a meteor/shooting star shower, this time equipped with an able camera. I’m so glad that I got to experience it with G.




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