The 20’s Venture

Originally published July 31st, 2016

There is always some point at every year where a resolve plants itself in my mind that everyone at some point will always think: I am going to get off my butt and get stuff done. For some people it’s at the beginning of the semester (or school year if you’re still in high school). For others it’s 2 days before your first exam and you realise that the last 12 weeks went by without you picking up a single book. But for me, it always at the beginning of an extended period of holiday-time where I have no classes, no responsibilities and not a care in the world. Now most normal people would plan to curl up in bed with a list of movies to get through, or maybe pack a beach bag and find a nice place to tan (depending on when during the year it is), but for the next year (or so), I want to get around to doing a whole bunch of things that I keep saying I’m going to do “later when I have time” but never get around to doing.

I figured putting it all in a list and posting it on the internet will make me more motivated to actually do the things I say I’m going to do (plus I wouldn’t be a true product of this day and age if I didn’t put this up on the internet). So here it goes! The official and exciting launch of:

The 20 Venture!!! (insert fanfare here)

I always find myself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, feeling incredibly jealous of the stuff that other people my age get to do. Granted half of them are famous, filthy rich and actually get paid to do all this crazy fun stuff. But still, even though I am neither famous, filthy rich, nor will I be getting paid to do any of this, I figured the experience I will gain will be worth it all in the end.

So here it is – A Comprehensive List of 101 Things That I Will Do In My First Year of My Second Decade



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