The Polaroid Project

Originally published July 31st 2016

I absolutely love my polaroid camera. I love how in an instant you can have a physical representation of something beautiful that you always want to remember. When I first got my camera, I was so excited to start using it, but always so hesitant to snap the shot. Is this photo good enough? Is it worth using a whole film on this? (Sounds silly, but when one film canister only holds 10 photos worth of film, it’s a serious decision). So it gathered dust on a shelf somewhere until I decided it was time to dust it off and resurrect it again! So, putting my love for lists to good use and compiled one here:

A Comprehensive List of 101 snapshots I will capture with my Polaroid camera:

  1. A park that makes me childish
  2. An early morning sunrise
  3. A friendly stranger
  4. An abandoned building
  5. A birthday morning
  6. A Christmas Eve
  7. A beautiful library
  8. A bridge
  9. A theme park entrance
  10. A church that I love
  11. A graffiti’d wall
  12. An ice rink
  13. An old family heirloom
  14. A pile of Autumn leaves
  15. A big stage
  16. A merry-go-round
  17. A fragrant garden
  18. A seascape
  19. A pair of worn shoes
  20. An old train station
  21. A piece of old jewelry
  22. An Australian tourist attraction
  23. A childhood toy
  24. A musical instrument
  25. An ice-cream cone
  26. An old elevator
  27. An empty canvas
  28. A bouquet of flowers
  29. A beautiful dance
  30. A warm drink on a cold day
  31. A romantic date night
  32. A cozy space
  33. A family photo
  34. A self-portrait
  35. A high angle photo
  36. A low angle photo
  37. A pair of soulful eyes
  38. A black and white photo
  39. A stack of sweaters
  40. A favourite book
  41. A pair of pajamas
  42. A decadent dessert
  43. A skyscraper
  44. A rainbow
  45. A cityscape
  46. A parent portrait
  47. An alcoholic beverage
  48. A secondhand book store
  49. A fireworks display
  50. A roadtrip
  51. A dinner out
  52. A comfy couch
  53. A special place
  54. A beautiful tea set
  55. A view from the sky
  56. A carnival
  57. A drive-in theatre
  58. A beautiful wharf
  59. A hotel lobby
  60. A just-slept in bed
  61. An early morning breakfast
  62. A candlelit view
  63. A beach view
  64. A waterfall
  65. A conquered fear
  66. An inspirational view
  67. A person you love
  68. A productive workspace
  69. A handmade piece of clothing
  70. A loyal friend
  71. A piece of art
  72. A new hairstyle
  73. A spontaneous adventure
  74. An epic sandcastle
  75. A wedding reception
  76. A pair of fluffy socks
  77. A harbour view
  78. A stray balloon
  79. An arcade game
  80. A vineyard
  81. A large body of water
  82. A cathedral
  83. A tattoo
  84. A snug blanket
  85. A sunset
  86. A home
  87. A dream catcher
  88. A late-night drink
  89. A fireplace
  90. A hotel room
  91. A flying kite
  92. A coffee shop
  93. A beautifully wrapped gift
  94. A baby photo
  95. A pair of winter gloves
  96. A pair of wet rain-boots
  97. A theatre ticket
  98. A billiard table
  99. A romantic gesture
  100. A passenger-seat view
  101. A prayer space

If you’ve got a Polaroid camera, I challenge you to cross some things off of this list, or maybe off of a list of your own. I shall continue to update my Polaroid adventures right here each time I cross one off the list. Wish me luck!



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